What does John Legend and Meghan Trainor’s manager look for in a leader? Humility, above anything else.

Troy Carter is a legendary entrepreneur and the mastermind and brand-builder behind some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor. He is the Founder and CEO of the entertainment company Atom Factory, and has 80+ holdings in top startups, including Uber, Spotify, DropBox, and Warby Parker. Troy shared his insights and advice to IVY Members at a special IVY Entrepreneur Night in LA.

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“Humility makes a great leader, for sure. And being empathetic; whether it’s employees, whether it’s fans, whether it’s customers — however you want to group it, or whatever, being able to see through the eyes of that consumer or those people is very important as a leader.

“And you never get caught with the Emperor’s New Clothes. You know, when you have that sort of empathetic relationship.

“And in terms of the other traits is just having that ability to get knocked down and get back up. We used that toy as a kid, it was like this blow up clown thing with the weight at the bottom and you punch it and it goes down and it gets back up, and that, an entrepreneur needs that sort of trait, for sure. Because you’ve got to be able to take the blows in and get back up.”


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