Looking to establish your own career, launch a new venture, or wondering where to begin? In this special IVY Ideas Night, former Global CEO of Chanel, Maureen Chiquet, speaks to rising leaders searching for life and business advice.

Chiquet, a leading force in Chanel’s growth to a $6.2 billion value, shares lessons on exceptional leadership, entrepreneurship, and career. In this hour-long discussion, Chiquet unveils her journey to success in the entrepreneurial and fashion worlds. She reveals how to harness hard work and passion to create a career you love, accomplish your goals, and grow a company at the level of Chanel.

Maureen Chiquet graduated college with no idea what she wanted to do. A marketing internship at L’Oreal unknowingly ignited a love of beauty and fashion in her that would inspire her future career. Maureen went on to work at Gap, where she helped launch the Old Navy brand, and eventually took on the role of US President of Chanel. In 2007, she became the Global CEO of the international luxury brand, enhancing the brand’s luxury positioning in all categories over a nearly 10-year career. In her recent book, Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership, and Success on Our Own Terms, Maureen explains how she found her passion and explains the importance of avoiding being boxed into a certain career or lifestyle.

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