With a forward written by former President Bill Clinton, Dov Seidman’s book captured an entire ethos in a single word: “How”. The best-selling author and CEO of LRN argues that forces are reshaping the world, bringing us closer than ever and moving us toward an economy centered on morality and freedom. In order to gain a competitive advantage in such a world, we need a new style of leadership. How, then, does Seidman explain what we’re seeing in national politics globally? Now more than ever, autocratic leaders are getting their hands on the grips of power and acting in their own interest against the will of their constituents.

In this inspiring and optimistic video from an IVY Ideas Night, Dov defends his claims, arguing there’s a difference between politics and business. In all areas of life, politics included, we are looking at and discussing world issues in moral terms. Despite the trends in the right direction, Dov thinks we still have work to do.


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