Jeff Rosenblum is an author, documentary filmmaker, and the founder of Questus, a digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the world’s most influential brands including American Express, Apple, Bloomberg, and Capital One — to name a just a few.

Jeff is widely regarded as one of the leading innovators in the field of digital marketing. His latest book, Friction, argues that brands don’t simply need clever messages or new, shiny technologies. They need a fundamental change in strategy.

Jeff further explored these themes as the co-writer and director of a groundbreaking documentary, The Naked Brand, which speculates about the future of the advertising industry and argues that corporations have the opportunity to use their influence to save the planet.

In this live discussion with IVY’s co-founder, Beri Meric, Jeff discusses what it takes to become a “passion brand” and assess friction in every aspect of business and leadership.


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