Discover activist and author Mohammed Al Samawi’s story of “4 Strangers, 3 Faiths, and 1 Extraordinary Escape to Freedom” from war, rebel fighters, and Al-Qaeda extremists.

In a conversation moderated by NYT columnist and best-selling author Bruce Feiler, we hear Mohammed’s moving tale of desperation, humanity, and hope set against a brutal Yemeni civil war. His tale, which harnessed the collective efforts across six technological platforms and ten time zones, is is the subject of an upcoming film adaptation by producer Marc Platt (La La Land) and the Oscar-winning screenwriter Josh Singer (Spotlight).

Since the escape, Mohammed has been a leading voice in a number of NGOs and interfaith groups, working diligently to facilitate tough conversations and combat extremism. Given his expertise and harrowing story, this is inspiring discussion is sure to inspire and captivate as we learn more about some of the leading challenges in our world today.


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