Delve into The Art & Science of Designing Decisions with Behavioral Science Practitioner and Chicago Booth Adjunct Assistant Professor Linnea Gandhi.

We make countless conscious and non-conscious decisions daily. What to wear, when to leave for work, which tone to use in our email to the boss, how to get our kids to go to bed, whether to eat that last donut, whether to increase our retirement contribution… How do we make all those decisions, and are we designing the way we make them wisely?

Linnea explores these questions and more, drawing on her experience consulting to companies on decision processes in customer experience, market research, and change management at her firm BehavioralSight — as well as her own decision-making fumbles and foibles. While her talk might not solve all our daily decisions, it opens our eyes to the forces shaping them, suggest some shortcuts, and inspires us to better design our decisions going forward.

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