Sit down with David Grutman, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in hospitality, during an hour-long discussion at Miami’s OTL Café — one of his very own ventures. The founder of insanely popular nightclubs LIV, Story, Komodo, and Komodo Lounge, David has an unmatched level of tenacity and a unique vision. In this illuminating conversation on the power of resilience, creativity, and passion, David shares his insights on developing projects that converge at the apex of commercial success and entertainment brilliance, specifically in vibrant Miami.

Rolling Stone magazine credits David Grutman as one of the most important people in bringing electronic dance music (EDM) to nightclubs in America. His incredible network of relationships led to unbelievable opportunities, specifically with the billion-dollar revamping of the Fontainebleu Hotel for LIV. David is now the CEO and operating partner of MMG, which he co-founded in 2008.


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