Dr. Arthur C. Brooks is a man of many talents. In his day job as President of the American Enterprise Institute, Dr. Brooks works with top scholars, policymakers, and elected officials to fight for all Americans’ access to free enterprise and earned success. But decades ago, at age 19, he left college to play the French horn professionally. He toured internationally and recorded several albums, eventually landing in the City Orchestra of Barcelona. In his late 20s, Dr. Brooks returned to the US and completed his bachelor’s degree by correspondence. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in public policy, focusing on microeconomics and mathematical modeling. After completing his doctorate, he spent ten years as a professor of public administration.

Dr. Brooks’ life and career are a testament to the unforeseen, sensational paths that life can take us down — and the immense benefits to be gleaned from following your interests and striking out into the unknown.

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