At age 32, Wayne Chang is already one of the most accomplished people in technology. His latest venture, Crashlytics, was sold to Twitter about a year after it launched. At the time, it was Twitter’s biggest deal — valued at ~$300 million at its IPO. Wayne has been building high impact ventures since the age of 7, and he has played an important role in a wide variety of leading tech companies, including i2hub, Dropbox, and Napster. He was also involved in the infamous battle between Facebook and the Winklevosses, depicted in the movie The Social Network.

Besides entrepreneurship, Wayne is also an avid angel investor. He has early investments in companies like DraftKings, Tablelist, SoFi, ZenPayroll, Planet Labs, JetSmarter, Slash Keyboard, and many more, and is a limited partner in several prominent venture funds. Wayne originally dropped out of UMass Amherst as an undergraduate, and he was recently awarded an honorary PhD from his alma mater, recognizing him as a leader who stands to transform the world. Wayne sat down with IVY to share his insights and advice to budding entrepreneurs.


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