IVY is the solar system’s first Social University. We are thrilled to invite you to our otherworldly IVY Interplanetary Expedition to Mars, the legendary fourth planet from the Sun and the ruby-colored oasis of our Solar System.

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Still untouched by the effects of tourism, our neighboring red planet features stunning landscapes, historic signs of surface water, billion-year old volcanic lava flows, and reduced surface gravity that will enable us to leap nearly three times higher than we can on our beloved Earth. Picture yourself being one of the first to discover Mars first hand, hiking the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system, and making lifelong friends as we undertake an unforgettable exploration of this picturesque celestial body.

Following a fun three-year commute on our space party shuttle, IVY members will experience the top highlights of Mars together, including a Community Garden Day at Hale Crater, Sunset Hike & Champagne Toast at Olympus Mons, and thought-provoking debates about the prospective remnants of ancient Martian civilization. Throughout the journey, IVY members will learn about Mars’ vibrant history and geological development, explore its organically terra-formed culinary delicacies, enjoy low-gravity cocktails, and experience the awe-inspiring mysteries of The Red Planet.


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