Educational technology — commonly referred to as “EdTech” — is an increasingly dynamic space that fosters innovation in schools and provides solutions to some of today’s most pressing issues. From the advent of high-speed broadband internet into schools across the nation, to the entrance of iPads into our kindergarteners’ hands — the nature of education promises to undergo massive transformations in the coming years.

To learn more about this space and the role venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and investors can play in shaping the future of education, IVY co-CEO Beri Meric sat down with Amit Patel, an education expert and Partner at Owl Ventures. An ed tech-focused venture capital firm, Owl Ventures invests in the world’s leading technology companies, backing entrepreneurs with solutions that meaningfully drive improvement in student achievement.

Amit offered his insights on the importance of education and the challenges that educators face today. He believes the private sector plays a critical role in offering students cutting-edge tools and strategies to improve educational achievement across the board — from early learning and K-12 all the way up to higher education and lifelong learning for our nation’s workforce.

Please enjoy our conversation with Amit Patel.

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