Jarron Collins is a former professional basketball player, and the current Assistant Coach with the Golden State Warriors — one of the most dominant teams in modern sports. On a daily basis, Jarron works to get larger-than-life celebrity stars like Kevin Durant and Steph Curry to bring their best to the court — and maybe even share the ball.

Suffice it to say, he knows how to build a winning mindset, overcome defeat, and transform a positive attitude into action.

IVY hosted an intimate Salon Discussion with Jarron to hear about his time playing with Hall of Famers Shaquille O’Neal and Carl Malone, breaking the best-regular-season record and winning a Championship with the Warriors, and how competing for the Finals applies to success in any endeavor — both on and off the court.

Please enjoy our live conversation with Jarron Collins, moderated by Jarron’s high school basketball teammate and friend, Danny Karubian.

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