“I have a list in my office of all the songs that feature Cadillac — it’s 211 songs…. It shows that Cadillac is so much more than a brand: it’s an American icon, it’s a cultural icon, it’s a design icon.”

Those are the words of Uwe Ellinghaus, the Chief Marketing Office of Cadillac, who took leadership of the brand’s marketing at the beginning of the biggest transformation in its 115-year history. In a live conversation moderated by IVY’s Co-Founder Beri Meric, Uwe shares insights gained from his years at Cadillac (and previously at BMW) to inform us how to create and market world-class products — while remaining true to your roots.

Uwe’s accomplishments include moving the company’s headquarters from Detroit to NYC, executing a new communications strategy, opening Cadillac House, and showcasing the next generation of innovators in fashion, film, and technology.

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