Real estate holdings are often your largest asset and investment. And as anyone who has purchased a house or rented an apartment will know, the decision of where to call home is certainly one of the most significant (and stressful) decisions you will ever make.

All of which is to say that real estate brokers play a strikingly important role in the lives of countless people worldwide — comprising an immensely diverse community of some two million active agents in the U.S. alone.

Robert Reffkin, the Founder and CEO of the real estate startup Compass, is on a mission to empower this massive workforce — and is disrupting the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry in the process. Compass combines innovative software with great agents to reduce the friction and difficulty often associated with buying and selling real estate. Running on a purpose-driven mission “to help everyone find their place in the world,” the company has raised an excess of $250 million at $1 billion valuation since their launch in 2013.

Reffkin joins The IVY Podcast to discuss his journey to found Compass, drawing on a lifelong inspiration to build community and a work background spanning the White House and Wall Street. Reffkin also cues us in on the evolution of the industry, how to run a people-focused venture, and the keys to Compass’ growth.

He’s joined by Compass agents Howard Spiegelman and Laura Hirschman, experts from the Spiegelman-Rothman Team, which was referred to as one of the “Top Real Estate Teams in NY” by the Wall Street Journal and has garnered over $600 million in closed transactions.

Please enjoy our conversation with Robert Reffkin and the Compass team.

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