For the past twenty-five years, Aldo Civico has served as a negotiation adviser and facilitator in armed conflicts in Colombia, the Western Balkans, and Syria. He has also led efforts to curb urban violence in Mexico, Haiti, Italy, and the United States, and advised national governments on the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of former combatants. Since 2001, Aldo has been intimately involved in the peace talks between the Colombian government and the insurgent group known as the National Liberation Army.

Though most of us will, fortunately, never be forced to negotiate with terrorists, drug lords, and urban gangs, a close study of these same scenarios, according to Civico, yields lessons relevant for any successful leader — involving communication, flexibility, and self-mastery.

In this fascinating conversation with IVY’s co-founder, Beri Meric, Aldo led IVY members through several conflict resolution scenarios and unpacked the thinking behind them.

Please enjoy our conversation, with Aldo Civico.


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