Dr. Richard K. Betts, has a resume that few can equal.

He currently serves as the Director of the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies and as the Director of the International Security Policy program at Columbia University, and he previously served as a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and as Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he advised three Directors of Central Intelligence and two Directors of the CIA.

Dr. Betts is also a prolific author, co-author and editor of over 11 books and textbooks, the latest of which are: Enemies of Intelligence and American Force. He has also published numerous articles on foreign policy, for which he has numerous prestigious awards, including the Woodrow Wilson Award of the American Political Science Association for the best book in political science. He also received the International Studies Association’s ISSS Distinguished Scholar Award in 2005 and MIT’s Doolittle Award in 2012.

At an IVY Ideas Night in New York, moderated by global affairs correspondent at Mic, Natasha Noman, Dr. Betts illuminated how America can successfully face our new and evolving security challenges, and how to tackle some of the most pressing policy questions facing the U.S. today.

Please enjoy our discussion with Dr. Richard K. Betts. And remember to visit IVY.com to enjoy access to a lifetime of learning, growth, and impact through in-person collaborations with world-class leaders, thinkers, and institutions.

*recorded in December 2016


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