Alli Webb is the founder of Drybar, the popular chain of hair salons specializing exclusively in blowouts — no cuts, no color, just blowouts. Alli started her career in PR, but soon transitioned to training as a hairstylist, sharpening her skills under the late, great celebrity stylist John Sahag. She struggled with her own extremely curly, frizzy hair and was always searching for a great blowout but was often disappointed with the two available options — an overpriced blowout at a traditional salon or a less-than-desirable experience at a discount chain. Hence, Drybar was born — becoming an instant success.

In this episode of The IVY Podcast, we learn from Alli about how to take a start-up or side gig to the next level, and how connecting with others is the key to winning in the marketplace.

This mini lesson is presented by smartwater®.


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