In 1999, Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban co-founded, which they eventually sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion. On top of being a legendary entrepreneur and businesses man, he’s now one of the most impactful and forward-thinking philanthropists in the country. He recently founded The Charity Network, the parent company to three leading digital fundraising platforms: Chideo, Prizeo, and Charitybuzz.

What makes him so special is that he’s brilliantly led a variety of successful ventures in a diverse range of fields–from tech to entertainment to philanthropy, and has done so with a keen eye for what makes some ideas last, while others fail.

Wagner joined us in New York City for an IVY Ideas moderated by IVY’s Co-Founder Beri Meric. He shared  his personal journey, then some really valuable pieces of advice for any entrepreneur–or, more broadly, for anyone who wants to build anything.

Please enjoy our conversation with Todd Wagner.


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